Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cajun Lime Tilapia, OLE!!

If you are not a person who LOVES fish, just try this recipe (I double-dog-dare-ya!) and you may just change your mind.  Not only is it super-duper easy it's really GOOD (promise!!).  Grab some fillets and let's get busy...

Ingredients: (just a pinch and toss)
*  2 firm tilapia fillets (or more)--not frozen
*Tony's spice (if you haven't bought this by now, you should because I use it in EVERYTHING!  It's my Louisiana roots!)
* lime juice (I use the bottle sometimes, shhh...don't tell that I'm not a Martha Stewart who always has fresh limes on hand!)
* butter (um, naturally!)
* honey
* olive oil
* wild rice mix (cooked), optional (for serving with fish)

Get some olive oil sizzling in a frying pan and toss those babies in (okay, be careful about it--don't REALLY toss them!).  Sprinkle both sides with some Cajun spice and cover up with a lid, cooking until opaque (that's fancy talk for white).

Wait!  Before you put the lid on, splash a little (to your taste, I use about 2 tsp. for 2 fillets) of lime juice in the pan first.

Peek on the fish after a few minutes, flip and check again a minute or two later--careful not to OVERcook, nothing is worse than dry fish!  Once it flakes easily in the middle, remove lid and drain any liquids off so it gets a nice sear for a few seconds to lightly brown it.  Next, push the fish to the side (below) or remove to a plate with a spatula.

Add a bit of honey and a few teaspoons of butter to the pan, let it mix and heat up for under a minute or two then pour on top of fish to add a perfect finish.  May sprinkle with a tiny bit of salt, a dab will do ya!

I admit: I still can't get my kids to eat fish (unless it's a fishstick and I lie and say it's chicken, he he!) BUT everyone else that has tried this says "love at first bite" let me know what you think!!

It really melts in your mouth and is a perfect mix of spicy, sweet and savory...oh, did I mention HEALTHY TOO!!  Boo-ya, can't beat that combo!  And simple, I can throw this together in under 10 minutes (not counting the cook time for the wild rice mix)!  Enjoy!

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Lisa said...

We love fish...I am going to make this as soon as our son gets back from Alaska! It looks so easy and healthy. Thank you.

Tara Cole said...

Hope you enjoy it, Lisa, and I bet with fresh fish from Alaska, it would be even BETTER!