Thursday, June 2, 2011

28 Days of Promise and Props (Happy Birthday, Honey!!)

The one I chose to be with forever is turning 28 years old today!  To celebrate the fact that I robbed the cradle (I’m already in my “thirties”!!) and to do something special, I’m surprising him with this blog post.  In typical-Tara-fashion, I’m running a little LATE!

The day “June 2nd” loomed bigger and BIGGER each day when I glanced at our calendar, Bob’s birthday is coming and I have no idea what to buy him!  I thought.  Another weed whacker?  No, if I buy him another that he may jinx with his “special touch”, people will start touring our yard thinking we have a Week Whacker Museum out back.  Maybe a new knife?  Nah, he’s got enough to make a Knife Museum too!  More socks?  A new wallet?  Lifetime supply of Mt. Dew?  All of these ideas just seemed to be lacking one important thing…my heart.

So, here it is: 28 Days of Promises and Props! Each day (starting on your birthday, dear) I’m sharing something I love about you (a prop) or a “promise of the day”. Of course, there must be some kind of consequence that can be given if I DON’T do it (all’s fair in love and war, right?), so…with GREAT pain I agree to allow you to give me 28 pinches if I don't keep the promise of the day (my HUGE pet peeve!!).  Now, so help me God, here they are….(p.s. feel free to print this off and tape it to my forehead so I don't forget).

BIRTHDAY DAY (Day 1): I promise to not nag you.  Ignoring the unfinished trim in the bathroom, the hole in the siding out front and other various chores that sometimes make me wonder what happened to the Bob the Builder side of you, I hereby do swear to SHUT MY MOUTH.   Just for one day though, God’s mercies and my “reminders” (I.e., nagging) are fresh every morning!!

Day 2:  I love the way your whiskers tickle my face and wake me up every morning when you kiss me goodbye before leaving for work.

Day 3:  I promise to say ONLY sweet and positive words.  Did you just pass out in shock?!

Day 4:  I love the way you laugh at yourself!

Day 5:  You can be an HOUR late for dinner and I promise I won’t be waiting for you with my “glare-stare”.  Won't you miss it though?!

Day 6:  I love that we annoy each other sometimes but wouldn’t have it any other way!!

Day 7:  I promise to kiss you like I did when we were dating…no matter how many little monkeys are jumping around us.

Day 8:  I love the sound of your voice when I pick up the phone, it’s an oasis of comfort and joy in hectic days.

Day 9:  I promise you can pick ANYTHING you want for dinner (yes, even that tuna-macaroni stuff I hate making) and I WILL MAKE IT!

Day 10:  I love the way our daughter’s tiny hand grips your finger when she walks next to you.

Day 11:  I promise to watch your favorite sports/TV show/etc. with you and ENJOY it (or at least pretend to!).

Day 12:  I love the way you don’t try to solve my problems and just LISTEN (or maybe you just figured out by now solving them all just aint happening!)

Day 13:  I promise you a FREE NIGHT!  Go party with the boys (your friends or our boys!) and LIVE it up, my man!!

Day 14:  I love the way you become a wrestling mat after dinner every night for our three rambunctious little wrestlers to jump on, climb over and smother with laughter and tickles!

Day 15:  I promise to move the seat back today (see "Pet Peeve Showdown" )

Day 16:  I love the sound of your breathing (SNORING!) while you sleep next to me (this is more of a self-brainwashing-technique I’m trying!)

Day 17:  I promise to go to bed by 11 p.m. tonight so that I won’t be crabby the next day, that’s a treat, right?!

Day 18:  I love your smile.

Day 19:  I promise to NOT “organize” your side of the room today (translation: I won’t put all your stuff where you can’t find it when you need it).

Day 20:  I love that you still pursue me (thank you).

Day 21:  I promise to find a babysitter for a date night of YOUR choice (fishing, shooting, golf…I’m serious!).

Day 22:  I love that your black socks leave little lint balls all over our bedroom's crème colored carpet (see above for “self-brainwashing-technique”!!)

Day 23:  I promise to be ON TIME FOR CHURCH this Sunday.  Do you need a paper bag to hyperventilate into right now!?

Day 24:  I love that you sing our children to sleep (your singing has that effect on people…ha ha!).

Day 25:  I promise to bring your fave McD’s lunch order to your work today.

Day 26:  I love your strong but gentle ways with our family.

Day 27:  I promise to keep promising and trying to love you the best that I can because, gosh darn it, you deserve it!!

Day 28:  I love you!  Happy 28th Birthday, Bobby!! 


Cookie's Mom said...

Tara, that was so heartwarming, and reminds me to let my hubby know all the ways that I love and appreciate him. Thanks. Love your tag line too: Laughter required, sanity optional. You got that right!

Sue (fellow mommy blogger).

Visiting you from VB!

Jennie said...

Love this, Tara! And Happy Birthday Bob- May June be a fabulous month for you!