Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Toilet Half FULL!

After finding my three-year-old son POST-self-given-swirly in the toilet today, I decided he is either destined to be; a brilliant scientist, a passionate environmentalist or a gifted plumber.

It all began with a darn pair of overalls.

Tiny thumbs and novice fingers have a very difficult time negotiating the complex overall button system.  By the time Judah realized he couldn’t do it, his eyes were already filling up with water from holding in the pee for too long.

“Mommmmmyyyyy!! I can’t do it!”  He lamented while wiggling all over the place to hold back the inner tide.

I quickly helped to release him from the bondage of his clothes and he was off like a racehorse to the toilet.  I awaited him to return downstairs until my internal “Judah-Bathroom-Alarm” began to flash CODE RED, CODE RED!!!

Just as I was heading up the stairs, he was heading down…his hair plastered to his head and his face and clothes dripping wet.  I FELT myself sigh before I heard my sigh out loud as I asked my dear boy, “Judah. What happened?!”

“Well, I couldn’t make it to the potty in so since I never even used the wadder in the toilet, I used it to wash my hair and face.”


At first I wanted to get after him, after all, this isn’t the FIRST time Judah has performed the "Self Swirly".  I did instruct him on why it was wrong (um, GERMS!!) but as he raced off to play, I tried to remember how blessed I am to have an unconventional thinker!

Whatever Judah’s future destiny is, I know one thing: he may never reach his fullest potential if I don’t accept him for who he is and how he thinks: outside the box (or in this case outside the sink!).  While I plan to teach him NOT to do things that aren’t socially acceptable (or even SANITARY!), I’m going to TRY my darnedest to not cram him inside of a box God never intended him to fit into.

Scientist, environmentalist, plumber or something else entirely, God has a special plan for our kids that see the toilet bowl half full instead of half empty and see toilet water as an alternative bath as gross as that may sound!  Sometimes it drives me a little crazy but I know life would be REALLY boring without our little original thinkers!!


Anonymous said...

I have a 3 year old daughter who makes me think many of the same thoughts! I think as long as we remember to laugh, we'll all make it through! I found you through VoiceBoks and am now a follower!
Yankee Texan Mom

Anonymous said...

hehehe - of course, funny to the outsider! But I feel ya, sometimes the things my daughter says or does just makes me stop in my tracks. And then I wonder what my son will have in store for me when he gets a little older! :) Great post.

Zazzy Episodes said...

Too funny!

Tara Cole said...

Texan Mom--glad I'm not alone! K.--BOYS are for sure full of JOYS, though I'm learning girls aren't super easy either, ha ha! I guess it just means parenting is hard work, hey!? Rachel, thanks!