Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Girl That Stole Our Hearts

We just celebrated our little girl, EvaLee's 2nd birthday and I once again am amazed at how the heart of a parent can hold MORE love than ever imagined!  Even though EvaLee has two older brothers, she is ALL girl and (above) adored her baby dolls when she opened the gifts.

EvaLee captured our hearts the moment we first snuggled all six pounds of her when she arrived in our world and she has never let go (above with grandparents).

Her Mimi made the birthday cupcakes (PINK of course!) and EvaLee (and ALL her siblings) had no problem putting away a couple each!

She is a perfect mixture of sweet and sassy...mostly sweet, of course!

One thing she can't get enough of (and one of her first words): DRAW!  I put out some big paper on our table for everyone to leave a note for Eva's birthday and (pictured here with her Great Grandpa Cole) EvaLee added her fair share of art.

Eva & Aunt Alicia

EvaLee & her Nana

Daddy adores his baby girls!

Happy Second Birthday, Little Princess!  We LOVE you!!

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