Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Springtime Flowers with Dirt & Worms! (and Butterfly Snack-Dudes)

These flower-cups were the idea that "bloomed" when I was trying to think up a fun little treat for my boy's to bring for school snack that would celebrate our early and lovely spring season!  The best part is: they are SIMPLE (well, a little more complicated when made WITH the kids...but fun nonetheless!)

These are the only things you will need for the "flower-cups";
*pipe-cleaners (any colors)
*paper cups
*scissors, pen, markers if desired
*foam flowers (I found a package at a dollar store)
*plastic spoons

Things you'll need for "dirt & worms";
*2 boxes (or more, this makes about 6 semi-full paper cups worth) of chocolate pudding
*4 cups of milk (to make pudding)
*bowl, mixer
*12 or more Oreos, crushed up 
*gummy worms, any kind

Step One: trace the top of the paper cup on a flower then inside of that, sketch a smaller circle and cut this out for your "stencil" for all the flowers.

Trace and cut away...

Step Two: Make the pudding so it can set up while you finish the flowers.

 Chocolate, of course, so it will look like "dirt"!

Step Three: 

Decorate the cups!

The boys are ready to roll with their art cups!  (But Mama lent them some colorful permanent markers which work better on paper cups)  Decorate the cups any way you want...

Or, if you are so inclined as my one-year-old, feel free to tear up the cup instead...

 Step Four: Push the flowers on from the bottom of the cup up to the rim of the cup, they will stay on their own.  Then using 1/2 of a pipe-cleaner, poke a hole in each side and make a small handle as seen below.

Step Five: If pudding is set, fill those babies up!!  

 This may be the time that things become messy-fun!!

 Lastly, top pudding with crushed up Oreos and stick a few gummy worms into the "dirt" mix.  Go on, eat a few too!
Oh, and don't forget to stick a spoon on the side for easy eating later!

Step Six: Realize this is a messier project than originally planned...

 ...and laugh about it and thank God for swivel-sweepers to vacuum the new layer of "dirt" on the kitchen floor.

The kids were great helpers!

Well, this is all Daniel did the whole time...thanks, bud!

 And Gabby "helped" to eat the extra pudding and worms...she approved.  Kid-tested, kid-approved.

 Happy Spring, dear friends!!

P.S.  Here's another little fun snack we made this week for the boy's school, "Butterfly Snack-Dudes".  

My friend, Jessica, gave me this neat little idea!  Just paint some clothespins, add pipe-cleaner antennas and clip a snack-sized Ziploc in half (use two different treats, any work!).

We also attached them with a pipe-cleaner (gotta love pipe-cleaners, they come in handy!!) to a juice-box and ta-da, a healthy snack with the drink included is good to go!

Butterflies in a line, ready to be eaten up!


Zazzy Episodes said...

Super duper creative! I love it, I used to do crafts like that for my kids when they were younger. Such a great mom for thinking "Spring".

Tara Cole said...

Thanks, Rachel--it really was messy-fun!!