Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Cole's Funnies

Kids say the darnest things sometimes and our crew has said some things that have sure made our life more FUNNY!  I'll be posting a new funny thing at least every week now so keep checking back here for new "funnies" from the Cole kids!  Our children's ages are Gideon (4), Judah (3), EvaLee (2) and Gabby is almost 9 months.  Enjoy!!

 I ♥ how kid's brains work. 
Me: Jude, I'm proud of you. Do you know what that means?

Me: Gid, is there anything you’d like prayer about today?
Gid: Yeah…I’ve been worried that cartoons are real and there REALLY are monsters with big, red eyes and horrible laughs.

Overheard my oldest, Gideon, advising his younger brother, Judah: “Just listen to Mommy, Judah.  Mommy is always right.”
I should have got it recorded to play back to him in 10 years!

The tub was draining today and Jude stared at it, saying, “It’s all melting!”

"It’s not working!" Gideon said out of the blue one day, his face full of great sorrow.  
"What’s that?"  I asked.  
“I’m not growing into a daddy.”  He tried to hold back the tears.  
“Well, don’t worry--you will, these things take time!  Right now, just enjoy being a kid.”  
He smiled, very relieved, “Okay!”

I was singing “Jesus Loves the Little Children” at bedtime to the kids when Gideon rolled over, a look of concern on his face, “Doesn’t he love the orange and blue kids too?”  
“Well, yeah, Gid…of course.”  
His brow furrowed, “Then how come you didn’t sing that too?”  

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