Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Who's Not to Love!?

Every morning at 6 am, a little messy-haired blond pixie stumbles into our bedroom, dragging a tattered pink blanket in her wake, and burrows into bed with us.  Within minutes she is fast asleep once more, her long lashes resting peacefully on chubby little cheeks.  I have no idea why she does this but I know that my two-year-old will always appear in our bed about the same time the sun comes up.

When I round the corner an hour later, I know that a fuzzy-headed little brunette will be holding on to the slats of her crib, bouncing gleefully with a huge, toothless smile in anticipation of seeing her Momma.  I lift out my Gabby and we head downstairs to check on the rest of the gang.

As usual, the boys are not easy to find in their bed where they are tangled together on a pile of books and super-heroes that were smuggled into bed after lights out the night before.  Their eyes pop open at the mention of rising and shining and they are soon doing just that with the speed of light!  After all, one shouldn’t waste time just sleeping when there are comic books to read, Legos to build and superheroes who need to rescue people!

This is my morning.  These little faces that peek out from under covers and around corners with anticipation represent both the challenges and joys that I will encounter that day.  They are my calling.

Of course, I have my own goals (wash the windows and have them stay finger-print free for one hour), aspirations (fold at least ONE laundry basket of the five awaiting me) and dreams (have time to paint today…well, a girl can dream!) but if I don’t accomplish any one of those items, that’s okay by me.  What I DO hope to accomplish is to teach and treasure the four little people I still have at home with me all day (yup, allllllll day! He he). I do hope to accomplish the really important stuff today: play “Go Fish”, read Eva’s favorite book to her “Go, Dog, Go” for the sixteenth time and not skip as many pages as I can get away with, make the “King of the Day’s” favorite cookies with him, or take time to pull a wagon to their favorite park together.

Do I hate mornings?  Nah…after all, what’s-or rather, WHO’S, not to LOVE?!


Daisylin said...

in the same boat here my friend...only, I have my kids trained to let me sleep till at least 9am.

Daisylin said...

.... i wish. lol

thesavingmomparents said...

Beautiful pictures! Lucky you that you get to wake your kids up. My first born is an early bird (after all...how else would you get worms?)and sleeping in is not an option at my house. Which wouldn't be so bad since I am an early rise too, except when #2 takes advantage of his stay up late nature... ~Jessica

Tara Cole said...

Daisy--ha, I wish my kids slept that late too, you're cute! Thank you, Jessica--I love getting pics of them when they are "sleeping angels", the only time they are angels, right?! lol! Hopefully one day, maybe when the hubby watches the kids, you can get a chance to sleep in!