Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Snugglier Way

Today at 1 p.m. I had two different choices in front of me.  Taking a nap with the kids or catching up on the (MANY!) projects and cleaning chores around the house.  I choose the snugglier way.

Since everyone had already passed out except for Judah, I snuggled under the covers with him to take a nap.  He grinned at me, flashing a dimple and flung his skinny little arm over me in a cuddle-hug.

“I wuv you, Momma.”  He whispered and within minutes he was fast asleep.  I laid awake in bed, listening to his steady breathing and thinking about this precious life and the past three years we’ve had with Judah.

He was the baby our doctor said wouldn’t live, but he did.

He was born early but has been late to everything ever since that day.

He has made countless messes yet helped me organize what really matters in life.

He has made life busier and at the same time slowed our whole world down (especially when you’re waiting in the car for him to put his shoes on and he finally comes out carrying everything from his room but his toy-box!).

He brings weeds to me clutched in his little fist nearly every day; but, in his eyes it’s a beautiful flower being delivered to the mom he loves.

He declares, “You look so pretty, Momma!” at breakfast when my hair is messy and I’m still in pajamas.

He adores people but also needs a break from humanity now and then and can be found throughout the day curled up alone with a book.

Many people wait to have children and I can understand the reasons they site…after all, kids aren’t very practical most of the time.

But in ways you can’t put to words…children will change your life forever and change YOU forever in the best of ways.

Sure, life will be messier.

Late-er (or is that just the Coles?!).





Oh, and did I mention: BETTER.

Choosing the snugglier way may leave your to-do list longer, but in my humble opionon, it’s truly the best choice there is!!


Carrie said...

Great post, I agree the snugglier way is the best!

thesavingmomparents said...

You've written a lot of good posts, but I think this is one of my most favorites. Nothing makes life better than kids. Each day mine make me a better person and a more complete one. Definitely had a few tears in my eyes when reading! Thanks ~Jessica

K. the Littlest Crafter said...

You are so right (as usual)! I'm so thankful for your posts, they remind me to continually make my fammily a priority.

Kim Bee said...

Hi Tara, stopping by from VB. Your blog is remarkable.

Nishana said...

Hello! Stopping from VB.

Rosann said...

Love this post. I'm always trying to avoid moments of sleeping when my kids sleep, but when I'm laying next to them as they drift off to sleep, the sweetness of their face, the smell of their skin, the softness of their hair...I just can't help but snuggle a little closer and doze off...


visiting from voiceboks

Gifts By Katherine said...

You are blessed. Snuggles are always better than chores.Thank you for your VB friendship. Hugs!

Tara Cole said...

Thank you, Carrie! One of the hidden benefits of mommy-ness, right?!

Ahw, you're so sweet, Jessica!! Thanks for that encouragement!! Yes, I have grown too while my kids grow up...also learning every day I NEED more of JESUS to be patient, kind and loving no matter what!

K.-that is the kindest thing ever to say! SO blessed me!! Thank you.

Kim Bee, you are so sweet, just visited your blog and really enjoyed it too! VB is great, hey?

Hi Nishana! Welcome!!

Rosann, GOOD point, when they do sleep, I'm usually so tired that staying awake is a chore in itself, ha ha! But yes, love ALL those things you mentioned. Mommy-rewards.

Katherine, of course, then AFTER nap all those darn chores are still there, lol! But, oh, well! They always will be...