Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunday Morning: Ready to Rumble!!

Welcome to WWF Sundays!  Are you READY TO RUMBLE?! Stepping into the ring, we have Mrs. Idealist representing a perfectly pleasant Sunday morning…yes, folks: even with four children age four and under attempting to ready for church and miraculously stay clean in snazzy outfits before they leave, she believes peace and fun is still possible.

She will be facing off in the ring Mr. Realist.  He represents military style Sunday mornings with little time for pleasantries in order to ready a small army for arriving to church before the service is actually over.

It's official: Sunday morning is Cole Fight Club.

We sometimes lose our religion getting ready for church.  Seriously.  I’ll grab my boxing gloves and you can have a seat on our living room couch, if you dare, during the craziest morning of our week.  Here’s what you might hear:

Mrs. Idealist (yep, that’s me): “Hon, you dress her…but not in her brothers shirt this time please!  While you dress them, I’m going to throw together some breakfast.”

Mr. Realist: “Please don’t make a five course spread for breakfast again, that always makes us late!”

Mrs. Idealist: “Ohh…bummer.  But that is a fun tradition to have a big Sunday morning breakfast.”

Mr. Realist: “That’s great if we don’t mind leaving here at dusk.  Why are you still in your pajamas?”

Mrs. Idealist: “Don’t worry, we still have at least thirty minutes ‘till church starts!  I’ll keep breakfast simple.”

Mr. Realist: “Good…cereal?”

Mrs. Idealist: “Yeah (muttering as she exits room) with some eggs, cinnamon rolls and bacon.”

Mr. Realist: “What’s that!?”

Mrs. Idealist: “Nothing dear!  Did you brush the kids hair yet?”

And so the battle begins between my husband, who’s motto about time is better never than late.  Then there is me…let’s just say my motto has a Mexican flair…something like;  relax, amigo, we’ll get there sometime today.

The English writer, E.V. Lucas, said my sentiments exactly with this: “I’ve noticed that people who are late are often so much jollier than the people who have to wait for them.”  Well said.  I think jolliness is a forgotten trait we could all use more of (wink, wink, honey!).

Don't be an early worm.

So, on that note: let’s all learn from this WWF showdown in the ring about Sunday mornings and being on time.  They say the early bird catches the worm but really, who wants the worm? I’d rather eat a warm and delicious cinnamon roll.

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