Thursday, March 3, 2011

Married Sex: The Grand Slam!

Married sex is just so damn good.

Yes, I just said the “s” word and yes, I just swore.  It’s because I can’t say it emphatically enough and that’s the problem today: this is NOT being said emphatically at all most the time!

Every OTHER kind of sex is glorified these days: teen sex, premarital sex, multiple partner sex and more.  Yet MARRIED sex is usually thrown into the same sentence as these thrilling adjectives: boring, dull, monotonous, rare, stale and just plain LAME.

But there will be a day when I sit down on the edge of my son or daughter’s bed after the lights are turned out and the soft glow of the hallway light highlights a precious face that is no longer childish but not yet grown up either.  On that night (and MANY more thereafter), I’m going to grab hold of their hand and whisper,

“Married sex is fabulous.”  I want them to tune in to hear something that could change the course of their lives.  I want to be a voice in their world that counters the lies that will be bombarding them everyday.  The lies that say married sex is not worth waiting for and the lies that say married sex is boring.
I want to be a lie-buster because I’m fed up to my eyeballs with our culture’s casual-sex agenda that I believe can be traced back to satan’s front door.  Viewing life through this twisted agenda can distort the beauty of sex and rob marriages of the true intimacy that God intended.

If WE won’t talk to our friends, our family and our kids about hot topics and subjects that may make your grandma blush, then who will?  People with questions will keep looking until they find answers, even if the answer is riddled with holes and full of lies.

It’s pretty safe to say that my four year old would look like Alice lost in Wonderland if I gave him an intro to the Birds and the Bees right now.  However, as each of our children grow, I anticipate sharing special little things about the wonders of married sex to help them remain patient and pure in a generation that is assaulted with advertising in every arena to “buy now” and “try now”!!

Here’s what I can’t wait to say to my teens,

“Sweetie, there is nothing that can beat living out a love story with someone that is committed to not only be there in the morning, but be there when your life comes to an end.  Nothing can compare with sharing a bed with the spouse that shares joys and divides your sorrows.  Nothing is more intimate than being one with the person that has seen you on your worst hair day and in your crabbiest mood but still cherishes and delights in you.”

I just want to shout it out to the world (which will no doubt embarrass my children when they are old enough to read this!): MARRIED SEX IS A HOME-RUN IN LIFE!

Besides, if WE don’t be real about how married sex hits the ball out of the park then we shouldn't be too surprised when people (and our children) run the bases too early and may miss the greatest game of their life!

Happy marriages begin when we marry the ones we love, 
and they blossom when we love the ones we marry.  ~Tom Mullen


jessicajacobson said...

oh so good Tara. No, GREAT. ~Jessica

dawndelaney said...

AMEN!!!! The truth needs to be spoken & heard. When God joins two people ( Man & Woman ) and makes them one it is the most beautiful, amazing thing. Brian & I have been married almost 27 years, & let me tell gets better & better..........Also what God intended.......YAY! :-)

Sara said...

Well said and agreed! :) ~Sara

Anonymous said...

I agree, even if our relationship isn't what it should be... It's still better than not knowing if the person you went to bed with will be there in the morning.

Anonymous said...

This is very well-written, with enphasis on the proper place : the next generation....and teaching them the VALUE of conjgal relations.
I admire your boldness, and stand with you in prayer, that this blog would go forth and help other Christian parents to reach out to their children in this area, and not be intiidate by
the current culture....
Sincerely, Everett Barton

Jason said...

While I'm not christian, and I don't think there's anything wrong with having sex before marriage, I do think that sex after marriage is just as good if not better than the stuff that comes before. Really knowing and truly LOVING someone makes everything better in life. It's a rare gift, and one that gets short shrift from most people.

Anonymous said...

Amen! This is SO needed in today's Christian families! Our kids need to grow up understanding that sex was GOD'S design, not man's!

To the Jason above... friend, I've been in your shoes in my past life. I once believed the same way you did. But since handing my life over to the Lord in 1989, I've changed my mind. What God has for us is SO much beyond the wildest dreams I used to believe. Trust Him, and HE will show you in personal ways.

~Jason G

Tara Cole said...

To BOTH Jasons--
I appreciate your honesty and excellent feedback.

Right on!