Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Rice-Krispie-Treat Farewell Dance

It was a lonely collection of ingredients for making Rice-Krispie treats that sat on my kitchen counter for three days that led me to this decision: I’m taking a break from blogging.

Last Monday I decided it was high-time to make some Rice-Krispie treats with the kids for absolutely no special occasion.  Life is sometimes so practical around here that it can seem frivolous to make a special treat for just the heck of it, but if one can’t splurge on something silly and sugary from time to time, then shoot me now.

With great anticipation of seeing my dimpled angels face’s light up at the chance to both make and consume (in mass quantities) these treats, I danced around the kitchen, grabbing Rice-Krispies, Fruity-Pebbles (that extra pizzazz of color is all the rage around here), a giant mixing-bowl, wooden spoons and of course, a huge bag of marshmallows.

Then life interrupted my Rice-Krispie-treat-dance.

The baby started crying, the toilet started flooding, the boys started wailing as they fell from the top of Mt. Couch-Cushion and I faced up to reality: that dream would have to wait.

By the time the baby was converted from a hungry customer to a sleeping cherub, the toilet converted back into a seat to be sat on rather than a boat to float on and the boys had hung up their climbing boots until another day, I was exhausted.  

From the moment I had woken that morning until each of my energetic monkeys passed out in their cage (i.e., bunk-bed), I had truly felt like a banana-tree with at least one of those monkeys hanging from my limbs at all times.

Parenthood is truly the state of being better chaperoned than one was during their dating days.  Never a dull…or FREE moment!

Once the last escapee was lovingly returned to their bed (at least it was lovingly the first five times) and tucked in for the night, my husband and I collapsed into our own bed.  I had just enough brain-juice leftover to type out a blog and post it before all semblance of intelligent thoughts evaporated from my mind and I fell asleep, dreaming of my hopes for the next day, which included Rice-Krispie-treat-making.

Needless to say, Tuesday, Wednesday and finally Thursday flew by in a blur and I decided it was only on days that end in “Y” that are non-stop around the Cole home.

On each of those days, I felt a pang of sorrow at seeing the Rice-Krispie ingredients sitting all by their lonesome in my kitchen.  I also felt a pang of righteous-Mama-irritation to notice the once full bag of marshmallows had been shrinking in size with each passing day…interesting.

Tonight, I finally put my foot down (and of course accidentally stepped on a monkey that was hanging from my leg), “We are making these Rice-Krispie treats tonight and I’m having the mail-carrier-attitude about it: neither rain nor shine, heaven nor hail will stop me from making this happen!”

So, we did it.  Marshmallows were melted and consumed in doses lethal to being sleepy at bed-time.  Rice-Krispies and Fruity-Pebbles were stirred with such passion that the cereal that was flung out of the bowl could've made a whole new batch if someone would have collected it off the floor.  And, best of all, wooden spoons were happily licked clean by my four dimpled angels (even Gabby tried a bite and approved).  I can’t recall ever feeling such a sense of accomplishment over such a tiny task, it was truly Rice-Krispie Heaven!

When each of these monkies passed out tonight, with marshmallows still smudged on their cheeks, I smiled and thought, THAT is what I want to have more time for: the IMPORTANT stuff in life.

Which means to make more time with my kiddos, I have to take time from something else, at least for a bit while I catch up on the good stuff.  Since I couldn’t quit on laundry (my first and most obvious choice) as we haven’t yet hired a maid (I do it for free so my hubbie ain’t too motivated to pay someone else) and I figured if I cut out on showering or teeth-brushing, my friends would all become long-distant relationships, I decided that left just one thing: my blog.

Thus, dear friend and loyal reader whom I love, I am saying goodbye.

Not forever, just for one week as I focus on family, friends, fun and faith (and anything else that starts with “f” to keep that rhythm going).  I will also be kissing Facebook goodbye beginning this Saturday morning until next Saturday.

I will miss you but I’ll be back and I think (or at least I hope), better than ever as I’ll be more refreshed and alive (I heard sleep can do that to people, looking forward to trying it out!).

If you miss me, feel free to give us a holler and stop by.  I can’t promise it won’t be a bit busy with a bunch of monkeys jumping around, but I can promise there will be a plate of colorful Rice-Krispie treats on our kitchen counter and you will be more than welcome to have one!

Sincerely, Tara Cole

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