Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Dish on the Belle

Hi, I'm Tara and I'm happy to get to know you!
Thanks for stopping by our "barn"...

My husband and I are proud to call four little people the Cole kids (unless we just discovered one of them dunking something in the toilet..again.  Then we plead the 5th.)

We live by this for our day-by-day survival: 
Laughter required, sanity optional.  

On days we get lucky, we actually don't just survive but THRIVE...which usually means we remembered all of our children's names (at least their first names).  

Me and Bob are City-Girl meets Country-Boy...this works for us, most days.  We are madly in love and at the same time, a work in progress! 

And I wouldn't have things any other way.

I dig shoes,
 long walks pulling a wagon/pushing a stroller,
 escaping with friends, 
delicious home cookin'
dreaming BIG
 my relationship with Jesus and
of course...blogging!  
(Thanks for reading)

Thanks for swingin' by our place and sharing our adventures. 

God bless ya'll!


Aimee and Preston said...

Cure new design Tara! Well done.

Shannon said...

Looks great Tara! Love reading your posts. So entertaining and always uplifting. :-)

Tara Cole said...

Thank you so much, ladies! YOU both are encouraging/uplifting to me.

Anonymous said...

Great new look! Love reading your stories :)