Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Welcome Friends!

Hey Everyone!

Thanks SO much for visiting Belle of the Bustle blog!!

You may be wondering, why belle of the bustle?  My inspiration was a reality show I've been into called our life (ha, no turning that show off around here!).  In the bustle of kids, messes and crazy moments, when we keep our eyes on Jesus, He gives us PEACE in the storm.  He enables us to be a Belle in the Bustle!  

So, ALL glory for that goes 100% to the Big for the times I'm NO Belle, I'll take the blame because it usually means I try to do things in MY own strength and brainyness (or lack of it some days!).

I'm so glad you are joining us on our life adventures, your friendship and support makes the journey so worth it!  THANK YOU!

Sincerely, Tara Cole



Zazzy Episodes said...

I have officially signed up to your beautiful, creative blog and look forward to enter your giveaway. I've missed reading your blog entries and don't know what happened, why I couldn't read them before...
Have a great weekend!

~Beth D. said...

I clicked on your link from "Fingerprints on the Fridge" because I had to see that dress! fabulous! glad I stopped by.

Traci Michele said...

Thanks for following Ordinary Inspirations! I'm now following you back.

On another note, will you vote for my blog? It only takes a second. Thanks, Traci

Tara Cole said...

That's great, thanks, Rachel! Beth, too funny-glad you like the dress but more happy you are enjoying the blog!