Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sunday Morning Doughnut Balls

We love traditions around here!  Some of our favorite traditions involve a special meal/yummy recipe and I would LOVE to share one of our favorites (and super easy ones) with you...

*Disclaimer: this isn't for those who have aversions to fried foods and lots of sugar!!  This is NOT low fat (;  That's why we only have them once in awhile, like Sunday Mornings!

Gather up yer' grub:
*1 can of buttermilk biscuits (this is plenty for our kids when we have other foods served, like eggs and fruit, but you may need 2 cans or more!)
* Enough oil (I use canola which has no trans fats) to fill a medium pan (this can be saved to reuse too!)
* Sugar!  We like both regular and powdered
* Scissors
* Lots of paper towels
(pretty simple, hey?)

Step 1:  Heat up the oil over medium heat.  Oil should come to a "gentle rolling boil" when it's ready.  On my stove-top, 2-3 is a good setting for this.  You want to be sure the balls are cooked through and not overly browned when done.

Step 2: Cut up each biscuit into thirds using scissors (or a knife).  Roll them into balls (kids are great with helping with this step!).

They are ready to get FRIED!

...almost done!  (They should be golden brown and pop to the top of the oil when ready, use a tongs to spin them to keep them browning evenly)

Drain those babies on some paper towels and it's time for their SUGAR bath!

Roll them in your choice of sugar and serve while still warm, YUM!!

The verdict is in by our littlest voters: WE LOVE DOUGHNUT BALLS!!


Jen said...

Yum! Nothing like a little fried dough to start your day! Thank you so much for popping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment...and following! You are officially my 100th follower! YAY!!!

dreamachine said...

yummy!!! Sounds delish! Your blog is so stinkin' cute! I'm so glad to have found it! Visiting from Voiceboks, just started following, hopefully you can take a look at mine too! :)

Tara Cole said...

Thanks, Jen and "dreammachine"--will check out your blog and let me know how the "balls" turn out for ya'll!!