Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Throw Pillow Therapy

To quote one of the most world-famous, well versed and greatest theologians of our time, Larry the Cucumber from Veggietales.

"I laughed.  I cried.  It moved me, Bob."

That describes my night tonight, in one deep and profound thought.  It was nothing fancy, a group of girls gathered on couches in my friend’s living room munching popcorn and sipping hot chocolate.  It was a warm your toes by the fireplace while your heart warms in the presence of dear friends kind of night.  It was conversation that never used the words “pee-pee” or “poo-poo” and required no guessing games to figure out what a certain grunt or squeak meant.  It was heaven.

I literally scooted to the edge of my seat to hear about one friend’s dreams and another’s inspiring goals.  I laughed until tears filled my eyes to hear another mom share a funny story that was complete with hilarious actions and sound effects.  I learned that throw-pillows can be great therapy when thrown across the room when you are overly frustrated about a certain subject.  I soaked it all in knowing when the alarm clock would go off (I.e., my baby cooing loudly enough for our 90-year-old neighbor to hear) the next morning, I would feel like a new mom!

You could live life without friends…but why?

Why not get recharged when the battery of our soul gets depleted.  I am an avid texter, face booker and (of course) blogger but there is something about being in the PRESENCE of people that is refreshing in a way a text message or face book note can’t compete against.

In the hurried pace of our technological savvy society, I think it’s easy to forget that plopping into a rocking chair on a front porch with a dear friend and glass of sweet tea does more medicine for the soul than a thousand of Mary Poppin’s spoonfuls of sugar.

So in the spirit of a silly cucumber that probably has more wisdom than we would ever expect, find a friend that makes you laugh, cry…a friend that moves you and throws pillows with you.  Then get into their real-life presence and get refreshed.

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Zazzy Episodes said...

I had one of those moments today at lunch with two friends from school at Taco John's of all places. I felt like my cheeks had a workout for all the laughing and smiling they did. It was sooo wonderful and a much needed break from the norm.