Monday, January 24, 2011

Your Wish Is My Command

One thing that blows my mind as a parent is the way you love each kid uniquely and to the max.  It makes me understand just a little bit better how God could love all of us so individually…and not have favorites!

With four kids age four and under in tow, it could be easy to miss the opportunities to get to know the God-given talents, personalities and passions of our children.  So we try to think outside the box and be purposeful about getting to know who Gideon, Judah, EvaLee and Gabby really are and what makes them come alive (granted, right now for Gabby that is pretty much limited to food and tickles, she’s still pretty easy!).

As part of our effort to celebrate each child in a unique way, we have implemented the “King/Queen of the Day”. Every child gets a different day of the week to be King or Queen.  On their royal day they are the focus as we all get to know and delight in who God made them to be (yes, we even are going to delight in little mischief makers that have “creative ideas” of how to paint walls and flood bathrooms!).

Yesterday morning King Gideon was knighted at the breakfast table with the royal scepter (thank you, Dollar Tree) and a crown of gold with great jewels (i.e., construction paper with stones glued on) was placed on his royal head. After this royal ceremony, we all went around the table and shared what we love about the King.  EvaLee was excused from partaking of this peasant responsibility until she can talk.  All other shires were required to lavish him with praise.
Then Gideon got to pick his favorite meal for breakfast and he chose honey crisp cereal which was lovingly prepared by the palace butler and served in fancy plastic bowls with superhero spoons.  

After breakfast, I asked Gideon what he would like to do for his special day.  The idea is it can be any game, activity or outing (within reason) and I was a little nervous when I asked him as I didn’t want to disappoint him if we couldn’t do it.  What if he asked to go to Disney World or visit the moon?  Four year olds don’t always get the money/location challenges that come with some request and I was hoping we could make his dream come true that day.

“Whatever you want, Gideon!  Your wish is my command!”  I said.

“Well,” Gideon replied with a big smile breaking out on his face, “I would like to do…CHORES!”


“Yeah, we can do that.”  

Well, some things in life turn out to be easier…and a bit stranger than we expect them I guess.  So, on this special day, there was a very happy boy wearing his royal crown as he swept the floors and helped me load the dishwasher.

“Joy is not in things; it is in us.”  Richard Wagner

"King/Queen of the Day" RULES
(These are some ideas our family does for the King of the Day but add your own pizazz to them!)
*Breakfast: Choose anything to eat for breakfast for the family!
*At breakfast: everyone goes around and shares what they 
LOVE about the King/Queen.
*All meals: A parent or sibling clears their plates/etc. for the King/Queen.
* Use The Special Plate and Cup at every meal.
* Dinner: Choose your favorite meal and help cook it with Mom!
* Pick ONE special outing/activity to do that day! 
(may be a family event or something by themselves)
* Stay up past bedtime with Mom & Dad!

Believe it or not, these are actually Burger King Kid's Club crowns (FREE!) that I made up for the kids in no time at all and for pretty cheap when it was all said and done.
1. Painted them (acrylic paints work great) in their favorite colors (took a guess at what Gabby's will be!) = $1/paint bottle
2. Applied shiny things purchased at WalMart = $2
3.  Applied glitter & glitter stickers (for their name) = $4
4.  Took them in to the printers and had them sealed in a heavy laminate = $9 (but could do this cheaper your self though may be a bit more work)
5.  Total cost for "lifetime crowns" = $19 (but could be cheaper if you have less children or just use stuff you have in your craft box already!)
Good Luck! 


thesavingmomparents said...

Another example of your brilliant parenting...especially his desire. Love it! ~Jessica

Tara Cole said...

I wouldn't say we are brilliant parents, Jessica, though THANKS for the props! But we do have a creative God that sometimes (thankfully) rubs off on us...