Monday, January 31, 2011

Squatty Potty Props

You know what I want to do?  I want to go to Thailand again and use a squatty potty.

Yes, it’s really called a squatty potty.  It’s the perfect name for a toilet seat (just the seat) covering a hole (literally) dug into the ground that is famous throughout third world countries, including Thailand, where I once lived for a few months doing some mission work with a team.

I did not enjoy using these uncomfortable toilets (great for the glutes though!) so I don’t REALLY want to use one again, I just want to be reminded again of what the rest of the world is really like.

I DO want to get outside of my own little world for a day so that I can get a fresh perspective on things again. Maybe if I remember that most people in this world don’t even own a toilet I wouldn’t groan when it’s time to clean mine (a common job with two sharp shootin’ potty training boys that love to pee standing up).

Maybe I wouldn’t sigh when I have to kneel down to change a dirty diaper if I could remember mothers around the globe who don’t have the luxury of disposable diapers to make this task a relative breeze. Maybe I wouldn’t mind eating macaroni and cheese (again!) with my kids for lunch when I think of the children around the world that would be amazed by the amount and variety of food we can choose from here in America.
Just maybe...

There is so much that a simple squatty potty can help you to remember.  Happy flushing!

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