Thursday, January 6, 2011

Toilet Tsunami

Have you ever had one of those crazy-mama-days that taking a shower seems like a luxury? Yesterday was that day. Although I did get a shower that I wasn’t planning on…does it count if it’s a toilet water shower?

Ah, life with our son Judah is never dull. Here is the story…

Five o’clock is not my favorite time of the day. The kid’s stomachs begin to growl and as they melt down I begin growling too. Of course, the baby would never think of sleeping during the “crazy hour” so I strap her onto my back and hurriedly throw dinner into the oven and set the table.

I had just seen Judah dart upstairs muttering something about “poo-poo” and since he’s now under 24/7 potty surveillance due to a recent bathroom flooding at his grandparent’s house, I follow him up to make sure he parks his rear on the toilet for a change.

One peek assures me he is being good and is also the only three-year-old I know that makes a toilet look like a lazy boy. With his feet propped up and a book in hand, I can see he plans on staying awhile so I run back downstairs to check on dinner.

As soon as the kids get set up with their food I decide to check on Judah again who has now been M.I.A. for over ten minutes which is never a good sign. It was then I heard the sound of rushing waters and for a split second I felt like the apostle John from Revelation receiving a vision of heaven…until I realized the water POURING down from the stairs and vents over the dining room ceiling was more like a vision of hell!

It could be said that some of our children our more familiar with their middle names than others. Judah definitely knows his. In the two seconds it took for me to shout, “JUDAH DAVID” and sprint upstairs, over an inch of standing water was already flooding the dining room AND drowning the kid’s plates on the table.

Gideon is not easily surprised by his little brother’s antics as he just sighed, put his hood up to stay dry and continued eating. His little sister meanwhile was shouting and pointing to the ceiling, obviously confused as to how it could rain INSIDE the house.

By the time I reached my sweet butt-naked child in the tsunami that used to be our bathroom, I was dripping wet as was Gabby who went along for the water-ride on my back!

I carried him downstairs (perfect timing as Bob just walked in the door of Noah’s Ark, i.e., our house) and actually smiled (a teeny-tiny one) when he asked in surprise upon seeing the downstairs, “Hey! What’s this big mess?”

I then gleefully handed one naked boy and a pile of towels to my husband and said, “Welcome home, hon. How was YOUR day?”

That day I had just been going over all my HUGE goals and ambitions for the coming year of 2011. My list has just been revised. 2011 Goal: Survive.*

Your grace is sufficient for me. Your power is made perfect in my WEAKNESS. Thank you, God.


Ange said...

Oh Judah! How many toilets is this now, 4? ;) Thanks for posting about the crazy things that go on at your house and keeping it real! I hate the blogs where everyone is perfect and they all look like they just stepped out of the pages of Pottery Barn and Gap. :) Love yoU!

Tara Cole said...

Well, don't worry, Ange-we will NOT be that blog! I love to be real! Thus the naked butt boy picture from that day...ha ha!