Friday, April 20, 2012

Date Night Salvation!!

It’s Friday Night Baby...Date Night Salvation!

My husband used to walk through the back door to find me waiting for him in jeans and heels with my hair done up.

Now, when he walks in, he finds me still wearing my jogging pants (and not because I just got done with a nice run!) and on the kitchen floor in the fetal position with noodles in my hair.  Of course, after he talks me back to reality and helps me up (or unties me if the kids have duct-taped me to a chair, again), I still manage to throw on some jeans and heels.  Okay, so I don’t “throw” on my jeans, I suck in and zip up, praying we won’t go any place where I’ll actually need to breath (thank you kid #5 for that one...well, and kid #1, #2, get the point).

I shake a Leggo from my heels and step into them because ready or not world (and ready or not, babysitters!), I’m stepping out because it’s Date Night!  Tonight, I’m putting my hair up instead of pulling it out.  I’m shaking the dust off my feet and ignoring the dust on the shelves.  I’m putting on lipstick (the redder the better!), earrings (the bigger the better!), and a happy face because I’m more than Mom tonight, I’m WOMAN, hear me roar!

I’m not just ANY woman, I’m a wife and a lover (just to my man...of course!) and tonight he’s the only baby I’m taking care of!  He’s worth swapping my sweats for stilettos even though he loves me the same no matter what I’m wearing...or not wearing!  It’s time to dump the frump and up the bump (I meant my hair...what were you thinking?!).

I’m going to walk down those stairs towards him and remind him of the day I walked down the aisle.  The years may have added a few extra wrinkles and pounds but they pale in comparison to the memories gained in my heart that I’ll never lose.

My husband may have walked through our back door to find his wife in a heap, but it wasn’t anything ten minutes alone with some good ole country music and a bottle of hairspray couldn’t fix.

Jeans (and lack of oxygen)? Check.
Lipstick (one of the few left that my daughter hasn’t painted the walls with)? Check.
Earrings (big enough to make me feel young enough to forget I’m old enough to have kids in school)? Check.
And a man that still makes my heart beat a little faster and makes my laugh lines grow a little longer?  Check.

It’s Friday Night...Date Night Baby!

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