Thursday, August 4, 2011

Momma Stays SANE Night!!

The majority of my time is spent with little monkeys hanging off my every limb and the name “Momma!” echoing off every corner of the house at any given moment of the day. Even an escape to the bathroom can be quickly thwarted by a sound like a heard of cute elephants pounding up the stairs…after all, at least ONE whole minute has passed without the children having me in their line of sight and Lord knows, they just may not survive!

Needless to say, some days I need a break.  
Really, truly NEED it!

Thanks to my amazing husband, one night every week is dedicated on the calendar to “Momma’s Night Off” (subtitled by Bob as “Momma Stays Sane”) and I look forward to it like a resort stay on the beaches of the Pacific ocean!

So would you believe that sometimes, instead of hightailing it out of here like a caged animal that just got realized from the zoo, I find RIDICULOUS reasons to STAY HOME and (GASP!)….WORK!

Am I insane or WHAT?!  Can anyone relate to this?!  Maybe it’s the Momma Guilt Complex but I sometimes feel badly when I think about having a drink on the town (Sprite on the rocks, baby!) when laundry, messy basements and cluttered closets are calling my name.

Just the other night, I was in our bedroom debating out loud about what I was going to do on my night off,

“Hmmm…I think I’m going to organize the stuff I haven’t had a chance to get to in the basement.  Or maybe I’ll finally get all that clothes put away…”

My husband shot me “The Look”.  “No.  YOU ARE GOING OUT.  If I have to drag you somewhere, you are getting away for a little bit.”

Of course you know what that means.  Yeah, pretty much it means I’ve probably been a crabby preggos Momma for the last week and he knows that if I don’t get together with a girlfriend or two for at least an hour, I’m going to STAY a crabby and preggos Momma!

So, I escaped.

I called up a girlfriend and we grabbed smoothies and burned off the calories walking all over town.

And I’m better for it and my hubby, Bob, is a happy man.  I’m not too worried, I’ll have lots of chances to be cranky and let the pregnancy hormones work their magic from time to time in the coming week and thank the good Lord (and my good family) they will still love me anyways. But for now, I’m recharged, NOT crabby, only mildly preggos and one happy Momma.

Because when Momma is happy, EVERYONE is happy!

Thank God (and my swell sponsor) for Momma Stays Sane Night!!


Daisylin said...

You're one blessed lady to have such a considerate partner in life!!! :-) Is your middle name Belle?

angela said...

awww- i MISS you! so funny cuz as i was reading i was feeling jealous of your friend who got to have smoothies & walk with you. and then i saw my picture! so i'll just imagine that it was me- haha! anyways i have some NEWS for you... ;)

Tara Cole said...

Daisy, YES, for sure! But thank you for that reminder, I need it to keep a grateful heart.

Angie...NEWS? What kind of news?? hmmm...can't wait to hear it and yes, I MISS you too!! Can't wait 'till you come visit again, WE will grab smoothies and walk next time, lol!