Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lil' Red Raider-Hood

I was just thinking the other day that we should really replace the beige carpet in our bedroom before we sell our house.  I debated: to replace it or not?  I guess it’s okay for now, I thought, so maybe not…

Today, after it was painted RED, the debate was over.  Yes, we shall replace the carpet.

There are few things in life my two-year-old, EvaLee, enjoys more than getting her nails done.  Red, pink, blue or yellow, she loves EVERY nail-polish color (though PINK always reigns supreme) and wants each toenail and fingernail painted every day if possible!  Today was the first day she actually had the chance to paint her own nails…and (bonus) our beige carpet, my white padded vanity seat and white vanity table too!

Did I mention everything was (or USED to be!) white and Eva’s nail-polish de jour was RED?  Yes, that is my hysterical laughter you hear in the background…

Only moments before this disaster, our world had been a peaceful place.  EvaLee had fallen asleep in my bed at naptime so when her little sister woke, I left my little sleeping angel tucked under our covers and tiptoed downstairs with the baby.
A short time later, I heard EvaLee’s little footsteps coming down the stairs and when she rounded the corner, her giant grin (painted red too, of course) didn’t meet with a smiling face. The only thought that raced through my head as my mouth hit the floor was,

“So…if you look like THAT…what does the room you just left look like?!”  I hurried upstairs, my thoughts red and white: red paint, white carpet, red paint, white vanity, red paint…


And just like that, our peaceful day was…well, not-so-peaceful.  I quickly figured out nail-polish remover only spread the red-love everywhere so I put away the bottle and decided to just take a few pictures and try to laugh.

I’ll paint the vanity.

I can recover my vanity chair.

And the debate is over: we will get new carpet in our bedroom.

I racked my brain to come up with something deep and meaningful to share with my readers, maybe something I had learned from this or some way we were all better for it.  But I drew a blank.

So you know what I decided?

I would just share this funny and messy kid-moment with you so that you would know you’re not alone if you ever have similar experiences.  Kids are messy and that’s just life.

But they do give you a great excuse sometimes to get new carpet.


angela said...

i think that's why God made them so stinkin' cute- it's just impossible to really be mad at them for any amount of time no matter what they ruin! and you might try "goo-gone." it's taken some really surprising things out for me in the past! :)

kawabanana said...

Just a comment. Replacing the carpet is probably a good idea. And, this idea would probably only work with shag. But, you may actually be able to cut it out. As you cut it you may be able to pull up the stands, and they may look even.

I don't think that finger nail polish remover would do more than smear red around, but that's a thought too.

I just found a website with Rug Stain Removal"

"emove Fingernail Polish by following these steps:

Sponge with Drycleaning Solvent.
Sponge with Dry Spotter.
Keep stain moist and blot occasionally with Absorbent Material.
Continue as long as stain is being removed.
Flush with Drycleaning Solvent.
Repeat above steps untill no more stain is removed.
Allow to dry completely.
Apply Amyl Acetate to stain and cover with Absorbent Material dampened with Amyl Acetate.
For 15 minutes,
Keep stain moist and blot occasionally with Absorbent Material.
When not working on stain, cover with an inverted bowl to minimize evaporation.
Flush with Drycleaning Solvent."

Anonymous said...

When my sis was little she spilled nail polish all over the carpet of a place my parents were renting. Oxi-clean actually got all the nail polish out. Good luck. ~Jessica