Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Blood, Sweat and NO TIME for TEARS!!

My husband is out of town for a week.  Just a week...I mean, how hard can 6 days alone with 5 kids really be, right?

The morning he backed out of the driveway, my six-year-old son declared, “Daddy said he’ll be gone six days and five nights and that I’m gonna be the man of the house while he’s gone.  That’s a LONG time to be the man of the house!!”

Little did I know just how LONG it would feel (and I’m only halfway through, what a pansy!!)...

Even if my husband is working in town, it’s reassuring to know he’s nearby if anything happens.  And when he is home and working, I know “The Doctor is IN” sign is always hanging on the door.  He’s never too busy for me to collapse into a chair in his office, box of Kleenex in hand, and lament all my failures and frustrations!  This happened just last week and his words of encouragement are still ringing in my ears and lifting my spirits!

“You know how I know you’re a good mom?” he replied to my tearful confession that I mess up A LOT, “You’re raising good kids.”  (Granted, he’s probably pretty biased as he contributed the Y chromosomes...ha!)

My man is my rock, my gravity to keep me from flying off the handle some days!  There is definitely one thing I’ve grown in during our week apart,


Whew, you all ROCK!!

It’s two o’clock and the kids are all napping so here I sit on the kitchen floor, drinking right out of the bottle of my kid’s Juicy Juice (shhh, don’t tell) and in a semi-state of shock that five people shorter than me (a pretty rare thing) can truly kick. my. butt.

I’m exhausted.

Today began with a beautiful sunny morning run that ended in tragedy for my four-year-old’s toes when he momentarily forgot how to brake his bike going down a hill and dived over the handlebars.  The fallout  from his flip-over (other than MUCH weeping and gnashing of teeth) included me carrying home his bike while pushing the triple-jog stroller (now seating FOUR kids).  When we finally got home, Judah on his bike wasn’t the only thing that went  flying downhill!  Fights, upset tummies, crying babies, overflowing bathtubs and dinner-time spills (including baby D’s first major spill when he grew go-go-gadget arms and dumped over a flower vase that created a Niagra Falls off our dining room table!) kept me unable to catch my breath.

By dinnertime, carrying a bike over my shoulder while pushing a triple stroller was starting to look EASY!

I’m trying to remember a time in my life when I have been this overwhelmed.  Even though I have done many different jobs (including working double shifts waiting tables where I was on my feet, rushing about non-stop for over 12 straight hours!), I honestly can say it doesn’t compare to how hard this motherhood thing is.

I’d take a tray full of pizzas and a table of angry customers over a messy house full of crying babies any day!  At least the shift at the restaurant eventually DID end, I could walk out into the sunshine and BREATH again.  Somedays I feel like the only light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train...or my son shooting his new (and LOUD) light saber-gun!!

Motherhood is really stinking hard sometimes.

I always smile when I recall a funny little story a friend once shared about her own struggles, “I remember one day, after someone had unplugged the vacuum cleaner I was using for the tenth time, saying to God through clenched teeth, "Lord, why did you give me all these stupid kids anyway?" Yup. Godly motherhood right there!”

I so relate to that, sometimes I think, “I’m TOO blessed to handle it all!” 

It is blood, sweat and no time for tears!  Or, if you do cry, just try to keep it under 3 minutes.

My husband will be home in two days and I think. I. can. make. it.  It helps to know I have “two men of the house” (my four-year-old and six-year-old that were left large and in charge!) in case I need them but more importantly, it helps to know that GOD (not the hubby!) should ALWAYS be my rock.  Even though it’s not the easiest lesson to learn, I NEED to remember that no one and nothing in this world should be my ultimate support and strength except for the One who made me.  

Thank God He has given me a wonderful support system while I raise all these blessings (including great friends!) but when I need that breath of air, I must remember: HE alone is the giver of life (and sunshine!).  It’s also nice to remember I’m halfway there!  Look out, Dear, when you come pulling in our driveway I’ll be running out to jump into your arms.


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