Friday, November 11, 2011

I'm just a...HOUSEWIFE?!?

It was the climax of the show as I leaned in to see what the main star was about to say. The high-profile lawyer had just discovered that his co-worker (his secret crush) was about to get married.  He was devastated.  The love of his life would be gone forever and the lawyer had to say something powerful before the elevator doors closed and it would be too late.

“Why shouldn’t I marry him?”,  the lawyer’s crush challenged him.  As the doors began to close he replied with what seemed to be the most shocking and terrible thing imaginable, “Because, he wants you to be just a...HOUSEWIFE!”  Doomsday music rolled into the scene as the elevator doors shut and the screen went blank.  

Really?!  Being a housewife was the most horrible future imaginable for this woman?  This woman’s fiance wasn’t trying to get her to rob a bank or murder, yet the notion that he may want her to one day cut back her work at the firm to raise a family was just... UNTHINKABLE?!

Or is it?

The definition of housewife is: A married woman whose main occupation is caring for her family, managing household affairs, and doing housework.

Of course, if I were writing the definition, I would add a few things to that list...give or take a thousand! (see "Your Momma Is A..." blog for more of that list!)

I admit that most days more play-do sticks to the bottom of my socks than news about current world affairs ever sticks to my brain.  I’m more likely on the average day to be wearing spit-up on my shoulder and flour on my nose than a sexy pair of Valentino heels (not that I would complain if someone gave me some!). I help put together many Superman and dinosaur puzzles, but never help in putting together a savvy business deal.  

I’m sure applying a princess band-aid to a scraped knee couldn’t ever compare to administering medical care to the masses; but I’m also sure I’ll end up kissing more ouwies than assisting in any other kind of medical care.  Although I negotiate deals between feuding parties all day, the parties involved are usually wearing footsie pajamas instead of million dollar suits.  I don’t travel to third world countries to care for their orphans, but I do teach my own children how to pray for a lonely child they’ve never met.  

At the end of most days, the work I have accomplished (or DIDN’T accomplish!) may not compete with the “success” of a business merger, scoring a coveted contract or winning a court case.  There probably won’t be a “Mom Recognition Banquet” at the end of the year where I am awarded a trophy or give a speech(but not a bad idea, honey!  Hint, hint!).  In fact, most people will never recognize or care about the little acts of love I do for my family.  I do know, that at the end of the day, what I have accomplished mattered to someone.  It mattered to my children, and their opinion matters to me.

Not everyone is destined to be a housewife and that’s okay.  We need hard-working lawyers, smart business people, caring teachers and dedicated factory workers.  They are the back-bone of this amazing country!  But we also need hard-working, smart, caring and dedicated housewives...heck, our CHILDREN need women like that.

Contrary to what the high-profile lawyer from TV thought, being a housewife is a profession I carefully chose, not a trap I fell into.  It’s a job I studied for, anticipated and sacrifice greatly to maintain.  Best of all, I get to work for people who I love so much.  I would die for them without hesitation.

If you are a fellow housewife who at the end of the day, has play-do on your socks and band-aids in your pocket but didn’t get recognized by anyone for any great “success” or add money to the bank, don’t be discouraged!  Our job is challenging and rewarding in its own unique ways.  It is with both great pride and great humility that I declare, I AM A HOUSEWIFE!  I AM A MOTHER! I have a lot of pride in the job that I do and the high calling of being a parent to such precious gifts from God.  Yet I also have much humility to think that God would consider me qualified to shape and raise the next generation that will one day change our world.

Had I been on the other side of those elevator doors when that lawyer warned, “Your fiance wants you to be just a...HOUSEWIFE!”, I would have smiled and replied, “I would be honored.”


Tricia said...

One of your best writings. So very true. I remember those days well, and all the loving, caring, disciplining, settling, directing, praying, equipping, encouraging, convincing, modeling,advising and trusting is worth it when you see them as adults living their lives as compassionate striving, trustworthy, fearless, loving, dependable, confident, God-loving, motivated,respectful, respected, sensitive and productive citizens of the United States.

Zazzy Episodes said...

I love being a mom, wife, and care taker of my family even if I am in school full time. Woot woot!

I absolutely love your end of the year banquet idea. Maybe we could do that for each member of our family on a special day at the end of the year and make them all feel special...?

Cheryl said...

Great posts, it is a blessing to be a wife and mom. I have been a homemaker for 36 years, for me there is know greater title.
Enjoy your blog, you have such a way with your writing.