Monday, October 24, 2011

tiny toes

My two year old, EvaLee, was snuggled under my arm as I rocked her in our overstuffed rocker at nap-time today.  It was just another typical day and I felt my own eyes growing heavy as I stared absently at her tiny toes poking out of her fuzzy blankie.  Contrasting my own feet, hers were new and perfect in every way with no signs of aging or veins showing on her soft and pudgy skin.  The week before, EvaLee had insisted her nails be painted pink when she saw me painting my own and the bright color was chipped and fading.  

Suddenly, the realization of where her toes have been and where they could go struck me as remarkable.  These toes had been pressed into black ink the day she entered our world and her imprint will remain in both her baby book and our hearts forever.  These toes were kicked in delight during her first bath and their first swim.  They have been one set of many little toes dangling over the edge of our couch as we tugged on little socks and buckled little shoes.  They’ve been doused in sparkly red nail-polish (along with our bedroom carpet!) when they were lovingly “painted “by a two-year-old who wanted to be just like her Mommy.  They have been attacked with tickles, smothered with kisses and teased with “This Little Piggy” more times than one could count.

I could almost see her pudgy toes growing before my eyes as I dreamed of the future and what these little toes may one day do.  They could be squeezed into uncomfortable shoes by a junior high girl longing to be cool and fashionable.  They may be flung into the air during a cheer-leading routine at a football game, or tenderly held as they ache after a difficult dance recital.  These toes may be carefully painted by shaky fingers hours before their first prom.  In fact, by the time our daughter graduates, these toes will have undoubtedly been painted more unique colors than I could have dreamed!

One day, the same toes that peeked out from under a graduation gown may practically float down a long, white aisle runner on the day she is given over from our loving care to the care of the courageous man who will win her heart.  Years later, these toes may swell and be gently massaged by that same good man as he watches her belly grow with the life of their child inside.  These are the precious toes that will follow another set of tiny toes as they learn how to walk, jump, dance and maybe even be “lovingly painted” by a two-year-old who wants to be just like her own Mommy.  These toes will begin to age as they travel to many places and witness many things that only time will tell.  Above all, I pray these toes will be “the beautiful feet” (Isaiah 52:7) that carry the gospel message of Christ’s salvation to her family, friends and the world.

Although at nap time today it seems an entire lifetime away for our two-year-old, these tiny toes will one day wrinkle and I pray they will be lovingly held and cared for by her own children and even her great-grandchildren as a testament to the kind of life our daughter lived.  I pray these toes will have many, many years to walk this earth and fulfill the destiny her Creator has called them to fulfill.  And when these toes are once again small due to the effects of time and aging; and after they have lived every single year God has planned for them; I pray these precious feet will walk down those streets of gold and break into a joyful run to be received by her Saviour’s arms as he says, “Well done, my good and faithful daughter.”  

In that surreal moment, that I myself dream of, I hope I can hold her in my own arms and once again kiss those precious toes that started out so tiny and full of so much promise many, many years earlier.  
Today was just another typical day...but because of a set of tiny toes, it turned out not very typical at all.


* said...

It's amazing Tara, you can bring me to tears every time I read your blog. Reading this today made me think about how fast our little ones grow up, they will make such an impact. They will take steps into a whole new journey and we guide them until they are ready. Thank you for inspirational thoughts as always.
Love ya girl,
Donna :)

Lisa said...

OH! I thought I would get through this without crying. NOPE! Our girlie turns 20 soon and I do miss those baby toes! she was sitting next to me last night, I was holding her feet in my hands and chersishing the fact that she will never be too old to sit and cuddle her momma! Daughters are so very special. Thank you for the post! Love to YOU, Miss Tara!

Tara Cole said...

Thank you, Donna--sweet of ya! Yes, they do grow quickly and we only have a short, short time to impact their lives in this calling as a parent! Let's live it well, sis!

Lisa, ahhww, I hope it was a good cry? (: I can't imagine my baby turning 20 but how special to still hold her and cherish those moments together, you must have done a lot right to have that sweet of a relationship together now, Lisa. I admire YOU! Hugs to you, girlfriend!!