Sunday, October 30, 2011

Simply Scrumptious Greek Chicken Gyros

If I didn't know any better, I would be sure my husband gets cravings WITH me when I'm pregnant!  This is one of his constant cravings and maybe you will come to love it and crave it too...

(FYI-I made this up so don't have exact measurements/etc.--sorry!!)
Makes 6 or more pitas
* 2 medium tomatoes
* 1 large cucumber
* 1 med. red onion
* vegetable oil
* red wine vinegar
* salt & pepper
* lemon/herb seasoning
* oregano seasoning
* 1 bag (approx. 3 lbs.) chicken tenders
* feta cheese, your fave flavor
* 6/more pitas
* ranch dressing

Chop up tomatoes, cucumber and red onion into small cubes.

Combine the three in a big bowl, this will make the "Greek Salsa" to top off the pita, make it first as it needs time to chill and let those yummy flavors marinade.  Once combined, add equal parts (to taste--I try it as I go!) oil and vinegar.  Careful not to get too generous with the vinegar or it will be a little sour, a dab will do you!  Then add salt & pepper (again to taste) and a small amount of dried oregano.  Stir well and place in fridge until ready to serve!

On to the chicken--ole...or is it OPA?!  Let some vegetable oil (I'm so precise, I know!!) heat up in a skillet then add in the tenders, cooking in batches so as not to over-crowd the pan.  Lightly season each side of the tenders with season salt (or salt and pepper works too), the lemon/herb (or lemon/pepper) blend and a little oregano again.  If you have a "Greek spice", that would work well here also!  Get creative and have fun!

Set out the tenders while they are still smokin', the Greek Salsa and the feta cheese along with the pita bread (don't confuse this with pita POCKETS, they won't work as well).  Heat up pitas in microwave for 30 sec. or so if desired.  Cut up the chicken if desired also to make it easier to pile into the "gyro".  (Yes, this is my THREE year old who LOVES these pitas with all the fixins'!! And I DO have picky-eater kids but even kids love these gyros!) 

Once the Greek Gyros are assembled, serve with ranch dressing on top if you'd like...delicious and simple!
Don't forget they are healthy too with all those fresh veggies on top!  The Greek Salsa can be refrigerated and used for up to a week if you would like the leftovers again!


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Kathy said...

Kid tested...and approved. I'm totally going to try these some night. :)