Monday, November 26, 2012

Dormitory Delinquent

When it comes to sleeping, I would give myself the grade of a big, fat “F”.  It’s true: I pretty much suck (pardon my french) at REST!

I think the blood pumping through my veins is type D-O because I am do, do, do-it-all (or at least TRY) girl until I pass out.  This is NOT a good thing.

Several recent health concerns were the knife to my back-demanding I surrender my stubborn ways and do less and rest more.  That, and a terrible discovery that I may be allergic to coffee (and caffeine) which left me with no super-powers to energize me when I was running on empty.

Speaking of empty... it was that feeling of being truly empty which finally led me to crawl in total humility to the foot of the cross.  I’d been there before (and SHOULD be there DAILY... MINUTE-LY!).  It was the only place I could be filled and restored; the only oasis to find TRUE rest for my soul.

It was there I laid down the pains of my body,

the turmoil of my heart,

and the anxieties of my mind.

It was there I found Him.

He was all I needed.

He’s all I still need.

I don’t need another do-it-yourself book or project.

I don’t need another event or errand.

I don’t need to DO anything when I am with Him.  

I can just BE. (nice, right?)

I came to get one thing: the thing NOTHING in this life can give me but him: His touch.  His rest.  His peace.

You can’t put a price on it, buy it or sell it but it is worth everything we have.

Every sacrifice we must make to touch Him and feel his presence will seem like NOTHING once we know we are there, in His presence, where there is a peace and a joy that can’t be explained, no matter what you are facing.

When we face Him, we CAN conquer anything.  

Come to Him. Do nothing. THEN, everything else is do-able.  Go figure.

So... that’s rest.  The rest that empowers more than sleep or any amount of caffeine (sigh!!), the rest that restores our souls.

Beautiful verses on REST...

*Jeremiah 6:16
*Isaiah 28:11-12
*Psalm 116:7
*2 Chronicles 15:2

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