Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sunflower Peeps Cake for Easter

I LOVE baking with my kids because it brightens my day to see them laughing and loving the simple things in life: mixing ingredients (ie, making a huge mess), licking the bowl and spoon and of course, enjoying the fruit of their labor.

But I am NOT a baker!  I don't have the passion and patience to carefully create things of beauty from flour and faith.  I hope our FUN experience of making this unique cake for Easter will inspire you that ANYONE can do it (see the pictures below for proof and a good chuckle!)...

* Yellow or white cake mix (and ingredients on the box needed to make it)
* Cake layer filling of your choice (pudding, jam, frosting, etc.)
* 2 boxes of Peeps (birds)
* Chocolate frosting 
* Chocolate chips (I used semi-sweet and milk-chocolate for differing colors)

Jude and Gabby sample the cake as they make it, yep-it's going to be yummy!

And their older brother gets in on the action when it's ready to pour into the pan.  Pour into TWO greased (I also lined with wax paper for easy removal) 9" round pans.  Bake according to the box's instructions.

Cool on wire racks then frost the top of one with whatever you desire (see ingredients above) and stack them like this.

Proof that I am NOT a baker.  The cake kind of fell apart on me when I frosted it so I put it in the freezer and said a prayer that it could be fixed!

Playing hide n' seek with EvaLee while we wait for the cake to firm up in freezer.  (Good idea: freeze the cake FIRST then frost it!)

"Mom, can I sample one...or TEN?!"

Whew, we were able to fix it up.  I also warmed the frosing for the second application and it went on much smoother.  Live and learn!

 Okay, mister--that's enough sampling the Peeps!  Save some for the cake!  Once the Peeps (we alternated the orange and yellow but do whatever you want!) are assembled around the edge (just set them on the frosting, they'll stick!) we filled the middle with chocolate chips.

I'm quite sure you and your gang could make this MUCH prettier, ha!!  I figure we had a BLAST making it and it's the thought that counts!

Happy Easter dear friends!

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